Concordia International Corp.
Canadian Securities Litigation Class Action Settlement

This claims administration website was updated on April 8, 2020 - COVID-19 UPDATE


Dear Class Member,

Please read the enclosed message for an update in regards to the current status of the claims administration and your individual Claim. Because of the current Covid-19 situation, we would greatly appreciate if you get current updates by logging into the portal or reviewing the website and reading the updates as they are posted on a regular basis.

Please note that we will post your pro rata payment in your individual view claims file in the portal once the Court approves the redacted Distribution List. Please note that the Claims Administrator has inputted all Claims into the online claims administration portal. This pertains to all Claim Forms regardless if you mailed, faxed, couriered, or emailed your Claim Form. We cannot post the pro rata payment until all outstanding issues are decided by the Courts.

We require the Courts to make a ruling in regards to the Claim Forms filed late after the Claims Bar Deadline before we can finalize the pro rata payments to Authorized Claimants. This ruling will influence the pro rata payment to all Authorized Claimants.

Pursuant to the Plan of Allocation, no Distribution shall be made by the Administrator until authorized by the Courts. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, both the Superior Court of Ontario and Superior Court of Quebec have suspended all Court proceedings until further notice. We don’t anticipate any progress until June, 2020.

The Court has mandated that Class Notification of the pro rata payment is to be posted in the online claims administration portal:

  1. your pro-rata payment
  2. the status of payment;
  3. when the cheque was mailed;
  4. and other important updates regarding the claims administration.

We greatly appreciate that payments to Authorized Claimants would be beneficial to Class Members in these uncertain times. We will proceed as quickly as possible when the time comes.

Please note that our office is closed due to the Covid-19 virus and our staff is working from home. However, we continue to answer the phone, return emails and phone calls. Please be patient as we will respond as quickly as possible.

At this point and time, I wish all Class Members and their family good health and all the best during this uncertainty period.

Please take care of yourself and others,

Paul Battaglia,
Trilogy Class Action Services

Pursuant to the Court approval Plan of Allocation and Settlement Agreement:
“Authorized Claimant” means a Class Member who: (i) submitted a properly completed Claim Form and all required supporting documentation to the Administrator prior to the Claims Bar Deadline; and (ii) is eligible to receive a Distribution from the Compensation Fund;

“Distribution” means payment to Authorized Claimants in accordance with this Plan of Allocation, the Agreement and any order of the Courts;

“Distribution List” means a list containing the name and address of each Authorized Claimant, the calculation of his/her/its net loss and the calculation of the Authorized Claimant’s pro rata share of the Compensation Fund;


  1. As soon as practicable after the completion of the claims submission and election for review process, the Administrator will bring a motion to the Courts for authorization to make Distributions from the Compensation Fund. In support of this motion, the Administrator will file the Distribution List with the Courts in a manner that protects the privacy of persons on the Distribution List.
  2. No Distribution shall be made by the Administrator until authorized by the Courts.
  3. No Distribution shall be made by the Administrator in respect of any amount under $5, and the name(s) of the Authorized Claimant(s) with claims under this amount shall be excluded from the Distribution List in respect of such claims.
  4. The Administrator may make interim Distributions if authorized by the Courts.
  5. Each Authorized Claimant whose name appears on the Distribution List shall comply with any condition precedent to Distribution that the Courts may impose.
  6. The Administrator shall make Distributions from the Compensation Fund forthwith after receipt of authorization from the Courts to make Distributions to the Authorized Claimants whose names are on the Distribution List.
  7. Pursuant to the Plan of Allocation – paragraph 8: The Administrator shall, wherever practical, develop, implement and operate an administration system utilizing web-based technology and other electronic systems for the following:

Class notification, as required;

  1. claim filing and document collection;
  2. claim evaluation, analysis, and Reference procedures;
  3. distribution analysis and Distributions;
  4. Once the Administrator determines a Claimant’s Authorized Claimant status, the respective number of his, her or its Qualified Shares and his, her or its Pro Rata Distribution from the Compensation Fund, the Administrator shall advise the Claimant of the Administrator’s decision by posting it on the Claimant’s online claim file.